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Some frequently asked questions...

How to treat your High Class Model Escort.

Many gentlemen already understand the guidelines of being with an elite Elegant Escort. However it never hurts to “have a small reminder” so here goes…

Everyone likes to be treated with respect so the more sincere and respectful you are during your encounter the better the experience for everyone involved. Maybe it is your first time. Maybe you have had disappointments in the past or you are just over excited and uncertain. So read on we are sure we can help.

Lets start at the very beginning, some say its a very good place to start…LOL

Booking a sex professional is like booking or hiring any other professional. You pay them money to provide a service. You could say its just like hiring a lawyer, accountant or doctor. As you will know from personal experience if someone at work treats you well they are more likely to get a much better service from you. So it should be common sense to treat an Elegant Escort like any other professional service provider.

Treating your Elegant escort with respect will reap rewards in other ways. She will be pleased to see you just like other professionals look forward to seeing regular clients . He or she will recommend you to other professional sex workers and you can become a valued business friend. A better experience all round.

Elegant Escort girls are just like other high class and model escorts. They are just like you and me they need to “ make a living” . So yes they see clients as a way to make money. However, just like you and me, they choose to work as a high class Elegant escort because they enjoy the work. If we can we do what we love and all of our Elegant Escorts love to meet and please their clients.

Contacting Us

We are sure you will have in mind the type of high class model escort you would like to meet . And the kind of service you would want experience. A little fantasy is good. However please don’t call message or email unless you are genuinely interested in making these dreams come true.

We suggest you be friendly and honest with our reception team. They are the very best in the business and genuinely want you to get the experience you desire. Don’t worry they have heard it all before, so be honest. But remember this is a business phone call. Rude phone calls, smutty emails and “dick pics” don’t impress anyone. Its also worth noting that if your reception team don’t feel happy communicating with you they are very unlikely to send an Elegant escort to meet up with you.

Please, never try to haggle over the price of an Elegant Escort. Again, be honest. If our rates are more than you were expecting, thank our lovely reception team and move on. There are lots of professional providers and agencies who would be happy to help with your requirements. Being pushy or rude may result in a less than polite response and being blacklisted.

Before Your Date

I hope this goes with out saying but I will say it anyway… HAVE A SHOWER and wash the important places! If you are not able to shower before the meeting let us know. Hotel rooms have nice hot showers so you an begin your date that way or if visiting our Elegant Escorts at home they will be very pleased to let you use their facilities. While on the subject; brush your teeth. Your very sexy Elegant Escort is much more likely to engage in naughty and erotic games if you are “squeaky clean” in all areas.

A shave and clean underwear are also nice.

With regard to the money; get the cash ready unless other payment methods have been agreed. You will know the price, so lets not embarrass the lovely lady or yourself by fumbling for cash or trying to re-negotiate the price.

On the subject of booze; OK a couple of drinks to help with nerves and excitement are all well and good. But hitting the booze hard before your Elegant Escort date is not a good idea. Drink is a depressant and after the initial “high” it may well affect your ability to cum. Lets be sensible boys…

The time had arrived…

Be nice. Chat a little maybe offer the beautiful Elegant Escort a drink and treat her like the lady she is. She knows what you want and is happy to provide it. But let her get through the door before you start to grope her. A little respect goes a long way. Also remember that this is a business arrangement so highly personal questions are not a good idea. But our ladies are very good listeners so if you feel the need to share go right ahead. Discretion and confidentiality can be assured with your Elegant escort.

Rules of the game

OK our fantastic reception team should have helped you choose and compatible escort who provides all of the services you are looking for. Every high class Elegant Escort is different. Each offers a different experience and type of service. Remember NO means NO. If you are wanting a service that she is not comfortable with or does not provide, back off. Ask her what she likes. Everyone is different

Let me also say that no escort will agree to unsafe sex. All of our sexy ladies offer full GFE (Girl Friend Experience) some others offer other services. However this does not include any unsafe sex. Please do not ask, the booking will be terminated ASAP and no refund provided.

Extending The Date

You only get to play if you can pay. The deal is based on the time and price you have agreed in advance. Most ladies are happy to extend the booking for an additional fee. They will check in with reception to agree a price and so that everyone knows what is going on. Remember the sexy lady might have another date waiting!

Do not offer to buy the Elegant Escort a drink or a meal or to suggest a trip to the theatre and expect her to do so without payment. Remember this is a business arrangement. Admittedly its a sensual business meeting but its still business.

Do not ask your Elegant Escort for her phone number or contact information. They are represented by us because they value their privacy out of work and are happier to have us arrange their appointments for them.

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