Escorts In Ibiza

Ibiza is well-known as a party island. When Hollywood wants to show that a character is sophisticated, wordly wise and has a wild side (such as the Victor Garber character in the TV series Power) they say that they have visited Miami and Ibiza. Its been that way for decades now. From the hippies dropping out and tripping in the 1960s to the mega-clubs and hedonism of today, with clubs such as Pacha, Space and Amnesia being world-famous, Ibiza has always been about pleasure with a slightly counter-culture vibe. Even when the counter-culture is now mainstream!


So the beautiful and wealthy people – and those who want to watch them – have been hanging out in Ibiza for a long time. And they still do. And where there are people like that, or any people at all, there are beautiful women who are willing to trade their looks and time for money. Escorts. Whores. Hookers. Call-girls. Courtesans. Prostitutes. Putas. Whatever term you want to use is fine. None of them are negative as far as I am concerned. Once a girl has decided to be in the business of selling her company for money, its all semantics and economics.

Where there are men (and women) looking to have a good time, there will be women (and men) willing to help them scratch that itch in return for money. And when alcohol, sunshine and recreational pharmaceuticals are thrown into the mix, it becomes a certainty that ladies of horizontal refreshment will be present.

Escorts in Ibiza are no different to escorts in Marbella, escorts in London or anywhere else. Indeed, they are no different in a business to any other market. Or in a socio-economic sense to any other group of people.

There are high class Ibiza escorts, who are at the very top of the market. The type that in The Wolf of Wall Street are described as “Blue-Chip”. They are stunningly beautiful women, usually aged 25-35, and often they are professional models. They are normally well educated and well traveled. Some are actually well-known faces. believe me, you would be very surprised at who has spent time as a professional Ibiza escort! Typically, these ladies will be charging between 500 and 1,000 euros an hour for their time. That type of fee is not for the faint hearted, but if you can afford it then it is well worthwhile!


Then there are the mid-market Ibiza escorts, charging 250-500 euros an hour. The NASDAQ. These sexy Ibiza escort girls are still gorgeous, sexy and great fun to be with. No-one would be embarrassed to be seen socially with one of these girls. In fact some of the best escorts Ibiza has to offer work in this market as they prefer the type of work, or prefer to be busy. Age wise, this could be women between 18 and pensioners! As the male population ages and remains as fit -or fitter -than they were while younger, there is a growing market for mature escorts Ibiza can offer.

Next in our little tour are the girls working in the “houses” or brothels. There is some overlap between the mid-market escort girls and the girls in the houses, but not that much. The women working in the brothels may well be sexy and attractive, but they tend to be a little less interested and interesting. Frankly, you would be in that environment too! Don’t get me wrong, some of the houses and their ladies are amazing. Truly classic houses of sin in the tradition of Parisienne or New Orleans brothels. Real James Bond sets! But most aren’t. tumblr_nskiy4EuEH1uxpmb6o1_500

There are a group of Ibiza escort girls who specialise in working the bars, hotels and nightclubs. Many of these also work with a major Ibiza escort agency but think that if they can earn some extra money while partying, then what the heck?! Obviously the agencies will not get a percentage of that income as the girls are totally independent and free to do what they want. For many clients, meeting a working girl in a bar and paying for a “sure thing” is actually a much better call than spending a fortune on drinks, a meal and entertainment and then either not getting lucky or having such a half-hearted time that they wish they hadn’t bothered!

There are a few things you can guarantee about a successful escort in Ibiza; she will look stunning, have an amazing body, and be as adventurous a performer as most men could desire in bed. Indifferent performers simply don’t last in a market as busy as Ibiza.

Last there are the streetwalkers. And the less said, the better.

And this whole scene exists alongside the main party scenes that brings nearly a million visitors to the White Island every year. Or perhaps it sits under it, or in front of it. It is often hard to tell the difference between working girls and amateurs in Ibiza. Though the old saying is that if a girl looks like a hooker, she is probably a tourist.

But whatever your taste, preference or orientation there is certain to be someone or something in Ibiza to tickle your fancy or whatever it is you want tickled!






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